Foods to Avoid with Sensitive Teeth

One part of our body that we need to use every day is our teeth. With the changes in people’s lifestyles and the diversification of diets, more and more people’s teeth have become sensitive. However, to protect our sensitive teeth takes more than just using the right toothpaste. For those with sensitive teeth, eat less of the following foods to better protect the dentin of the teeth.

Crackers. To many’s suprise, crackers can bring greater damage to the teeth than sugar. Chewed crackers can easily stick onto the surface of and stay between the teeth for long periods of time to significantly corrode them.

Soda and carbonated drinks. Despite some soda drinks market them as sugar-free, the added phosphoric acid for the taste will directly corrode the dentin.

Dried fruits. The sugar inside dried fruits after dehydration will become strong acid. Furthermore, the loss of moisture makes the fruit more vicsous so that it can stay inside the mouth even longer. Viscous foods will also provide habitat for bacteria at spots difficult to clean.

Foods and beverages with coffee. Coffee is never friendly to our teeth. The tannic acid it contains will stain and erode our teeth. Long habits of drinking coffee can gradually make the teeth more fragile.

In addition to carefully choosing the food, it is also important to keep healthy habits of oral care, such as brushing teeth twice a day and gargling after eating acidic foods. Protecting oral health is a long procedure that requires lasting effort.