Foods to Protect the Teeth

Various types of foods could be harmful to our teeth. Especially for those with sensitive teeth, certain kinds of foods must be avoided. That said, there are plenty of foods that can make positive contribution to our dental health.

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Green tea. Green tea contains a high volume of fluorine, which, combined with the apatite in our teeth, could become a defensive shield against acid and neautralize acidic pH value inside the mouth, reducing reproductions of bacteria.

Celeries. Celery. Celery is rich in food crude fiber, which can remove food residues from teeth when being chewed. The unique ingredients of celery can promote the secretion of saliva, thereby balancing the acid-base balance of the oral cavity and achieving a natural antibacterial effect. You can eat celery fresh or cooked, so putting some celeries on the dinner table isn’t a bad idea.

Pears. When eating pears, you may find that the pear flesh is very grainy, and it is these particulate matter that can remove tooth dirt and bacterial communities. Pears can also increase the secretion of saliva, wash away food residues, and keep the teeth healthy.

Dairies. Dairies such as milk and cheese are rich in calcium and phosphorus, which not only helps the teeth restore the hard tissues, but also effectively prevent acidification because of their basic nature. The protein and enzymes in dairy products can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and protect the dentin.

Maintaining dental health takes more than healthy food choices. It is also important to focus on personal hygiene with consistant effort to thoroughly protect our teeth.