Amandeep Bhullar

Dr. Amandeep Bhullar

General Dentist

Dr. Amandeep Bhullar has been providing high quality dental services to his patients for over  15 years. Dr. Bhullar did his graduation in 2006 and then finished his Post graduation in  Prosthodontics in 2010. After graduating from dental school, Dr Bhullar established his own  clinical practice in India. After working in India, Dr Bhullar decided to move to Canada in 2018
and cleared his NDEB certification in January 2024.
Dr. Bhullar has extensive experience in Prosthetic and Aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Bhullar wrote  multitude of articles on different aspects of dentistry. Dr. Bhullar is an excellent  communicator, who enjoys interacting with his patients and tries his best to understand their  oral health needs. When he is not doing dentistry, you can find him attending a CE, Hands on  or a conference to enhance his knowledge to provide quality dental care to his patients. Dr. Bhullar uses patient -centric approach to ensure every patient receives the highest standard  of dental care.
Outside of dentistry, Dr Bhullar enjoys spending quality time with his wife & two kids and also love to explore the beautiful British Columbia.

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