Teeth Protection During Chinese New Year

Another Chinese New Year has come, and it is the most important occasion all year round. It is the time to unite with family and celebrate with the best food on the table. However, it is also a time that our teeth are likely to be damaged with countless selections of food and drinks. So what do we need to do to ensure our teeth a healthy Spring Festival?

Frequent toothbrushing and mouthwashing. Lots of festive foods, such as biscuits, candies, and nuts pruducts contain a very high amount of sugar, which is a breeding ground for oral pathogenic bacteria. After eating these foods, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth in time, drink a glass of water, or chew a piece of sugar-free gum, which will increase the flow of saliva and help flush out the bacteria.

Avoid overeating. Every family prepares the most hearty meals for the New Year, and it’s easy to lead to overeating. Not only that, often are the dishes heavy in fat, sugar, and sodium, which could bring significant burdon to the digestive system. In addition, continuous eating and foods that are too spicy, hot in temeprature, or acidic may create a harmful oral environment.

Be cautious with nuts. Nuts are a very popular food for the Spring Festival, especially peanuts and walnuts. It is important to avoid giving the teeth too much physical workload, as the hard shells or surfaces of nuts may cause irreversible damage to the teeth.

During the Spring Festival, many people are busy with various entertainmentsand overlook the importance of oral hygiene, which can cause an increase of oral bacteria. A lot of smoking, drinking, and irregular sleep will reduce the secretion of oral saliva, and the resistance of periodontal tissues will decline, making it more prone to oral diseases.

Overall, it is important to keep the importance of oral health and hygiene in mind while celebrating the Spring Festival. It is also recommended to take a comprehensive oral exam before the holidays to help improve the self awareness of our oral system.