What would happen if you just didn’t get a cavity filled?​

The Short Answer? It would not be good.

We know you don’t want to think about them. They’re a literal pain to deal with. They can be costly to treat. And they almost always come when you least expect them.

Think of your teeth like rocks sitting in a puddle. This puddle is full of acid and bacteria. Over time, your teeth begins to decay and results in cavities.


Cavities are easily ignored at first. They don’t seem to do any harm! This is not true. Over time, the bacteria erodes away the enamel (hard surface) and exposes the dentin, and that’s when infection starts.

Dr.Rajbhandari explains to us what happens when these infections start, “Patients begin to feel very sensitive to hot, cold, sweets, sours. A nice meal isn’t as enjoyable as before. Eventually, sensitivity turns into a horrible toothache.”

You think you can deal with a little bit of pain? There’s more.

“Sometimes the infections begin to spread to adjacent teeth. Other times, it can spread directly into the bones and become a real danger,” Dr.Rajbhandari tells us. “If it is an upper tooth, the infection might spread to your sinus. If it is a lower tooth, the infection can potentially travel to your throat and swell up your entire airway.”

Take Action Now

Don’t wait till your cavities turn into a unbearable toothache to give us a visit. Catching cavities early is the best investment for your health and your money.

The best way to stay on top of your oral health is to go for your 6 month oral exam. Doctors are able to examine your teeth and gums for potential problems. Regular visits allow us to take action immediately, preventing problems from getting worse and too serious.

If you are in the Vancouver area, we welcome you for a free consultation! We are conveniently located in Downtown Burnaby, only a short walk from Metrotown Mall.

Dr Rajbhandari is known for her dedication and commitment to her patients. She owned a private dental clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal before moving to Canada in 2013. She is multilingual and can speak English, Nepali, Newari and Hindi.

Our dedicated team of dentists and hygienists have a wealth of experience, and will surely solve whatever dental problems that are troubling you.


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