Top 5 dentists at Burnaby

A toothache can start at any time as it has no specific cause, other than devouring an excess amount of candies or chocolates. Who doesn’t love them? But then comes the toothache. It can shake anyone children, adults or aged ones. You will always want to go to a good dentist for the treatment of your teeth but how will you find one?

Below are the top five dentists you can find at Burnaby BC and get yourself a complete treatment in a comfy environment.

List of Top 5 Dentists at Burnaby BC

1. Sun Dentistry:

They are located in Downtown Burnaby area, a short driving distance from Metrotown Mall. A dental care committed to work for their patient’s health. They are equipped with latest technology to cure any kind of dental problems. Sun Dentistry is open 7 days a week and open late on Tuesday to provide emergency treatments. They have a complete team who is always ready to provide you with the service you need. The staff at Sun Dentistry speaks multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjab, Urdu, Nepali, and Farsi. They have one of the best services and all they are committed to is their work for the betterment of your family. They provide a comfortable environment for the patients as well as the one accompanying them. They believe in bring smile to their patient’s face by quality of their work. Book appointment: (604)-559-9937 Visit Website

2. Norburn Dental Centre:

Northern Dental is one of the best in Burnaby. They can understand not only English but few other languages. It is situated in a very approachable area in Burnaby and anyone can reach it any time they feel. They provide a vast variety of treatments for your dental illness. Their experts are always there to assist you with patience. By appointment only. Close on Sunday and Monday. (604) 336-4411

3. Eagle Creek Dental Centre:

The dentists here are committed in serving the people are one of the best. They believe in helping and educating people besides their treatment. They believe in complete hygiene and provision of best services by their team of experts to the people. They are equipped with quite a many equipments and they have a hygiene team as well. By appointment only.

(604) 298-5333

4. Dentistry at the Heights:

Located in North Burnaby, Dentistry at the Heights has a comfortable environment with top quality equipments. They have a spacy dental house to accommodate large number of patients and treat them in a pleasant environment. (604) 299-1099

5. Burnaby Dental Centre:

They are the dentists concerned about your family. They are dedicated towards the betterment of people by treating them well. They give all kinds of treatments to their patients and make them feel like home by their friendly environment. They care for the big smile of their patients and treat them for a life time comfort of smiling. They give an advantage of requesting an appointment from their website and you can also download their dental forms. By appointment only (604) 294-3271.

These are Top 5 Dentists at Burnaby BC lists according to my knowledge.