What’s The Deal With Gum Diseases? Dr.R Gives Us the Answer!

One of the most common reason for a dentist visit is gum problem. Good news: periodontal (gum) disease can be successfully managed with continued care.

That being said, when it comes to periodontal diseases, prevention is the most vital. After all, the progress of developing periodontal disease is a slow process. Don’t wait till your bones and ligament are all damaged. Visit your dentist at the first signs of trouble! We will show you the progress of periodontal disease development, so you can save your gums and teeth before it’s too late!

If you notice any gum disease symptoms as listed above, be sure to give our dentist a call! Our dentist will help you to stop gum diseases from advancing. If you are in the Vancouver area, we welcome you for a free consultation! We are conveniently located in Downtown Burnaby, only a short walk from Metrotown Mall.

Dr.Rajbhandari has a wealth of experience in scaling and root planning, which treats periodontal disease effectively. She helped countless patients with gum issues over the past decade. She owned a private dental clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal before moving to Canada in 2013. Dr.Rajbhandari is multilingual and can speak English, Nepali, Newari and Hindi.

Our dedicated team of dentists and hygienists have a wealth of experience, and will surely solve whatever dental problems that are troubling you.


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